So, it was just a matter of weeks ago when I finally tried the much-loved Nutella. Crazy, right? Yeah, I’m hella late on that bandwagon, but needless to say, it’s pretty darn delicious. You can eat the hazelnut spread a number of ways, but I’ve become a big fan of dipping nuts in my jar of Nutella for a treat that tastes likes it’s straight outta Compton Godiva. And you know it was only a matter of time before I found a Lushworthy use for my new favorite..

The other weekend I found myself making Nutella hot chocolate out of curiosity and a desire for something a little more exciting than your standard hot chocolate. I happened to also have a bottle of Wild Turkey Spiced Bourbon handy, so I of course added a nice helping to my Nutella hot chocolate and that is exactly how the “Nutella Hot Chocolate With Wild Turkey Spiced Bourbon” was created. I’ve included the recipe below, and hopefully it’ll find its way onto your list of boozy, fall favorites this year.


1 Cup Milk

2 Generous Spoonfuls Of Nutella

2 oz. Wild Turkey Spiced Bourbon

Marshmallows Or Whipped Cream


Heat one cup of milk in a pot until simmering. Gradually stir in your Nutella until the spread has fully dissolved. Add Wild Turkey Spiced Bourbon once the milk and Nutella are fully mixed. Pour contents into a mug and garnish with whipped cream or marshmallows. Enjoy!

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