The Twinkie is one of those foods where even though you might not find yourself indulging in their fluffy goodness that often, it’s nice to know they’re around if you ever want to munch on the famed snack. So, when it was announced that Hostess, the makers of the famed Twinkie, were closing their doors last year a number of people nearly lost their minds. Thankfully though, after that brief scare it was announced that a new owner would take over the Hostess brand. You can now expect the Twinkie to return to store shelves next week. And to celebrate this momentous occasion, and trust me it is momentous, Pinnacle Vodka has released a handful of decadent, Twinkie and other Hostess treats-inspired cocktails. You can find the recipes to Pinnacle’s boozy treats below. Enjoy!

A Sweet Comeback (Pictured Above)


1 part Pinnacle® Cake Vodka 1 part DeKuyper® Vanilla Liqueur

1 part Half & Half