When you’re wedged between two people on a cross-country flight, a free cocktail can be a godsend. But wait, how does one acquire this free drink? Well, there’s actually a number of ways to score a free drink on your next flight. Check out my personal tips for getting you hands on a free drink while flying the friendly skies. Cheers!

Hope For The Worst

This may seem a little backwards, but I’ve scored several drinks on flights because of ill circumstances. Both incidents were on Southwest flights. The first was because our flight was delayed by about an hour. And I’m pretty sure the second was a pity drink. A friend and I found ourselves seated in the second to last row on our flight. Trust me, you never want to find yourself in the second to last row. That’s where they seat toddlers accused of murder and other hooligans. Okay, not really, but it is pretty rough. You do highly increase your chances of a free, pity drink though.

Join A Rewards Program

While it may seem like eons before you can score a free flight through a rewards program, working your way up to a free drink or two isn’t nearly as hard. Rewards programs do differ depending on the airline, so be sure to ask your preferred airline about any boozy perks linked with their rewards program.

Upgrade To Economy Comfort

Between first class and economy there’s a wonderful, little world called Economy Comfort. Economy Comfort, which goes by a variety of names depending on the airline, doesn’t flaunt the exact same perks as first class, but does feature extra legroom and free drinks! It’s also pretty affordable. On a Delta flight I plan on taking from Atlanta to Miami, an Economy Comfort upgrade was offered for only $40.


Since liquids under 3 oz. are allowed in your carry-on bag, this means that those $1 nips you find at your local liquor store should be perfect for whipping up a cocktail or two on your next flight. Just keep in mind that the TSA normally frowns upon glass containers. You can find more information on the TSA’s rules on liquids on their website.

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