To be honest with you guys, I’m not terribly familiar with The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee (which takes place from June 2nd to June 5th) but if it’s an occasion worthy of a few cocktails then I’m all for it. So I of course did some Google-ing and according to the event is basically a celebration of  the Queen’s 60 years as Monarch. I’m sure they’ll be partying it up over the pond, but if you’d like to do a little celebrating of your own then I’m sure that either the “Princeton” or “The Garbo Mystique” cocktail will make for a great addition to your personal festivities.



1.5 oz Dry Rye Gin

1.5 oz Taylor 10 YO Tawny Port

1 Dash Gum Syrup

3 Dashes Orange Bitters

Lemon Peel


Combine all ingredients over ice and stir.  Strain into a chilled coupe glass and enjoy.

The Garbo Mystique (By Summer Jane Bell)


1.5 oz Fonseca Dry White Port

.5 oz Broker’s Gin

.5 oz. Simple Syrup

.5 oz Lemon

1 Dropper Full Of Bittermen’s Orchard Celery Shrub Bitters


Combine ingredients over ice and stir. Double strain into a chilled coupe and garnish with a fresh basil leaf.

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