There’s no need to wait until the Fourth of July to embrace your patriotic side when you’ve got cocktails like the mouth-watering “LiberTea.” Something this refreshing can easily be enjoyed throughout spring and summer. The “LiberTea” combines both my favorite cocktail mixer (lemonade) and my favorite non-alcoholic beverage (iced tea) for a punch that I’m sure will quite literally pack a punch. On top of iced tea and lemonade the “LiberTea” is also made using Wild Turkey Bourbon and American Honey. Check out the recipe below for directions on how to create a pitcher of “LiberTea” for your next gathering.


4 Cups Lemonade 4 Cups Of Unsweetened Iced Tea 1 Cup Fresh Basil Leaves ½ Cup Wild Turkey Bourbon

1 ½ Cups American Honey