4 Reasons Why I Can’t Contain My Excitement For This Year’s “Tales Of The Cocktail”

I have to admit that I’ve been obsessing over something these past few weeks and it’s none other than this year’s “Tales Of The Cocktail.” For those unfamiliar with “TOTC” it’s a five-day conference of sorts that will consist of liquor tastings, spirit-driven dinners, seminars, competitions, and much more. The event doesn’t take place until July so I kinda wish my excitement wasn’t so premature. But I guess it’s just that newbie anxiousness kicking in. With that being said I went ahead and channeled my excitement into creating the list below. Cheers and I hope to see you all in July!

Liquor Lover Paradise – It’s probably way more difficult to name a liquor brand that won’t be at “TOTC.” It’s just that big of a deal. And word on the street is, and by “street” I mean various blogs, there’s a number of free tastings that don’t require badges.

N’awlins – I live in the Southeast, but I have yet to visit New Orleans. New Orleans seems like a mere hop, skip, and a jump away compared to some of my other dream destinations like the Maldives and South Africa but for some reason I’ve never taken the opportunity to visit. So I’m really looking forward to partaking in the “TOTC” festivities while also visiting a city on my travel bucket list.

“Nice To Meet Ya” – I feel like everyone I e-mail with on a regular basis for Lushworthy is based out of New York City or some other far off city so it would be nice to finally put some faces to all these e-mail addresses. I also can’t wait to tell the entire liquor world about Lushworthy.com.

Foodies Welcomed – “TOTC” takes place in the city of New Orleans which just so happens to be a city known for its culinary marvels. Gumbo, beignets, Po’ boys, jambalaya…take your pick. I pick all four of those and then some (paired with a tasty cocktail of course). I’m already mentally preparing myself to gain at least 10 pounds during “TOTC.”