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If you’ve ever been to South Beach then you know that dining on the sidewalk while 8,000 people walk past you and your teeny-tiny (and probably wobbly) table is kinda “the thing” down there. I’ve done it once and I can’t say that I’m a fan. Thankfully though, the food and cocktail scene in South Beach offers far more than cooped up sidewalk dining. While on a visit to Miami last month, a friend and I had the opportunity to attend a food and cocktail tasting at 660 At The Angler’s, which is located in The Angler’s, a boutique hotel situated on Washington Avenue.

Upon stepping into the bar and lounge area at 660 At The Angler’s it’s apparent that this ain’t your average South Beach joint. The decor is what I would describe as cozy Bohemian. There’s various shades of maroon, lots of gold details, and tons of decorative pillows (hence the cozy factor). The bar area is relatively small (it seats about four people) and lacks the Bohemian feel of the neighboring lounge. I was really a fan of the decor in the lounge, so I wish it would have transitioned into the bar area. But bars were meant for drinking and not getting your inner interior decorator on, so it obviously wasn’t a major flaw.

Speaking of bars, I had the opportunity to sample a handful of cocktails at 660 At The Angler’s including the El Diablo, Southside Fizz, and 660 Sangria. Here’s a little breakdown of each of those drinks.

El DiabloHerradura Reposado, Creme de Cassis, fresh lime juice, and ginger beer.

Don’t let the devilish name fool you. The El Diablo is truly a sweetheart when it comes to the palate. The Creme de Cassis does a fine job of mellowing out the tequila and ginger beer always makes everything better. All in all, the El Diablo is both sweet and highly drinkable (i.e. you might just forget you’re drinking booze).

Southside FizzAviation Gin, lemon juice, and mint.

I have to say that this particular cocktail was my favorite of the bunch. I’m not a huge fan of mojitos, but I do love how refreshing they are. I’m pleased to say that the Southside Fizz is just as refreshing as a mojito, but is way better in the taste department in my opinion. Also, the description didn’t list it, but I’m pretty sure there’s some simple syrup thrown into the mix.

660 SangriaRed or white wine, mixed fruit, brandy.

Dear sangria, meet your worst enemy. ICE. I made the mistake of setting aside my 660 Sangria for a good five minutes or so before sampling it. And by the time I took my first sip the ice did a great job of watering down all the flavors. Not cool ice, not cool. I do have to say that the drunken fruit they use in the 660 Sangria is very much on point. You can actually taste the booze and it meshes really well with the fresh fruit.

We also sampled a handful of items from 660 At The Angler’s tapas menu during our visit. The clear favorite for me was their pandebonos (pictured above). They’re a Colombian cheese bread and at 660 At The Angler’s they’re served with whipped guava butter. Easily one of the best things I ate while in Miami. An ideal combination of sweet and savory, it’s a must if you ever find yourself at 660 At The Angler’s.

The Angler’s can be found at 660 Washington Avenue in Miami Beach, Florida.

Lushworthy Tips

Happy Hour takes place Tuesday to Friday from 5:30 to 7:30 PM. Cocktails and tapas are $6 per item.

Guests of the hotel can enjoy a complimentary evening wine hour from 5 to 6 PM. every day.

***A complimentary food and cocktail tasting was provided at 660 At The Angler’s, but the thoughts in this post are fully my own.

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