A Childhood Favorite Gets An Adult Twist Thanks To Farm Burger’s Adult Floats

A couple of months ago I posted the recipe for a float made using Guinness and much to my delight I was finally able to try a beer float while getting some grub with a friend at Farm Burger in Decatur, Georgia. I tried the Young Chocolate Stout adult float but they also have floats that can be made using Original Sin Cider and Wells Banana Bread Beer. The cashier informed me that the Original Sin Cider is pretty popular when it comes to their adult floats, but the Young Chocolate Stout seemed like it’d be a better pairing with the ice cream so I went with that one.

Usually root beer floats become much less desirable when the ice cream’s melted, but my adult float actually got tastier once the ice cream began to melt. Instead of ice cream surrounded by beer it turned into one tasty concoction that was somewhat reminiscent of a mudslide. Now that I’ve finally gotten to try my first ever adult float I’m really looking forward to checking out the Original Sin Cider and Wells Banana Bread Beer floats. All of Farm Burger’s adult floats are available for only $6.50.

Foodie Side Note: The smoked paprika mayo at Farm Burger is amazingly amazing! It goes great on burgers and is a pretty tasty dip for onion rings and fries.

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