A Lushworthy Review Of Captain Morgan Rum’s New “Captain’s Conquest” Mobile Game

I just received my first ever Android phone so it’s safe to say that I was a little eager to try out Captain Morgan’s new “Captain’s Conquest” game for Android and review it on this here site. Now I’ve never actually reviewed a mobile game before and the only reason I’m reviewing this game is because it’s liquor related so please bear with me folks.

First off, at 29.05 MB  it’s definitely the biggest application/game I’ve downloaded for my phone. Also, I noticed that before I downloaded “Captain’s Conquest” next to the title of the game was the word “WiFi.” So you might only be able to play the game if you have a WiFi connection, but don’t quote me on that

The whole objective of the game is to battle ships and defeat them so you can steal all their loot. Unfortunately, I don’t think this loot includes any rum. They definitely lost a few Lushworthy points for that.  Once you’ve chosen an enemy ship surrounding you it then takes you to a new screen where you battle it out. You have to move your phone to aim your cannon and then a press a “Fire” button on screen to shoot. The aiming definitely takes a little time to get used to especially for a new Android user like myself, but it shouldn’t take too long to get the hang of. And the cool thing about “Captain’s Conquest” is it uses your actual location on the map for the game. So you’re actually battling ships that are surrounding your house or wherever you happen to be while playing the game. It shows street names and everything.

You have the option to “dock” your ship to help regain your health when it’s low and it’s pretty hilarious because when you do dock your ship the game actually lists the names of establishments (parks, stores, etc.) near you. So it was only natural that I docked at my local liquor store.

I’m not much of a mobile game player, but I do think I’ll play Captain’s Conquest a few more times before I eventually take it off my phone. As of now I don’t know if there’s a way you can battle a player by searching their username, but if you do figure it out feel free to look me up. My username on their is Lushworthy (of course lol).