Adventures In Cocktailing: Sampling DRINKSHOP’s Array Of Tantalizing Spring Cocktails

If you’re into mixology and craft cocktails, reside in Atlanta, and haven’t had the opportunity to try a cocktail at DRINKSHOP (located in the W Atlanta Downtown) then you really are missing out. In a world where your typical bar experience consists of being served PBR’s and cran and vodka’s by a bartender who’d rather be watching “Real Housewives Of Atlanta,” checking out DRINKSHOP really becomes quite the treat. And I did just that earlier this week as part of a private tasting where I sampled four different spring cocktails currently being served at the swanky bar. All four of the cocktails were created on the spot and with quite a lot of detail by Brian Boykin the bar manager over at the W Downtown. With the exception of the Billy Dee ($8), all of the drinks listed below sell for $10.

SteepleFlip – It only seems right to start off with my favorite and the SteepleFlip was just that. Just think of this cocktail as a creamier, richer version of the bourbon-based Mint Julep.  Now this cocktail is made using egg white so try not to be too taken aback, but that added ingredient gives the SteepleFlip it’s creaminess and the froth on top. Oh and as a pretty cool added touch the drink features a block ice cube with a mint leaf frozen into it. It makes for quite the impressive garnish.

(Name Unknown) – Now the name of this cocktail is quite literally unknown since it doesn’t actually have one. So if you do want to order this particular drink just mention something like, “I’d like the cocktail made with tequila, mango-papaya gastrique, Campari, and Sprite” and you should be good to go. Plus it makes you look kinda cool knowing about a cocktail that isn’t on the menu list. I have to say that the mango-papaya gastrique, which is fresh made by the crew at DRINKSHOP, is the true star of this drink. I’m not much of a tropical fruit gal but that mango-papaya flavor really gives this drink a nice edge over your plethora of fruity cocktails.

Santini’s Muse – I must admit that this is one good looking cocktail. The reddish-pink color (it looks much more pink in person) combined with the orange peel really makes the Santini’s Muse pop. From the looks of it it’d probably be pretty hard to believe that this cocktail is made using brandy, but it is and it’s made with Menorval Calvados Prestige to be exact. And to be made using brandy the Santini’s Muse is quite light and refreshing and I know it’s going to be an absolute hit with the ladies.

Billy Dee – Interestingly enough the Billy Dee is a beer cocktail that manager Brian Bokyin describes as being “something that both men and women could drink.” And after tasting the Billy Dee I can clearly see how it can appeal to both genders. It has the boldness of a beer and with the added ginger you’ve got a bit of sweetness going on as well. The added ginger also gives the Billy Dee a bit of an unexpected kick. And for those of you wondering, yes this drink is named after actor Billy Dee Williams.