Atlanta Cafe It’s Poppin To Offer Customers A Variety Of Boozy Treats Including Liquor-Infused Popcorn

If you like your decadently sweet treats just as much as you do the occasional cocktail, then Atlanta cafe/sweet shop It’s Poppin might just be your own personal slice of heaven. And slices they’ve got plenty of, but we’ll get to that later.

As you can probably tell from the name, It’s Poppin boasts quite the array of popcorn. From savory to sweet, you shouldn’t have any problem finding a flavor that’s right up your lane. On top of their already impressive array of popcorn, It’s Poppin also boasts a number of alcohol-infused popcorn flavors. Yes, liquor and popcorn, you read that right my friend. From margarita to peach vodka-flavored popcorn, you might just find yourself wondering if your local bar and the much-loved snack aisle at your grocery store somehow joined forces. And if Apple Martini’s and Cosmo’s aren’t quite up your alley then fear not because It’s Poppin owner Ardra Tippett plans on incorporating a brew-infused popcorn to the line of airy treats.

On top of their assortment of popcorn, It’s Poppin also features a number of boozy treats including beer jelly (yep!), Irish Whiskey Truffle Butters, rum cake, the amazing margarita cheesecake (pictured in the gallery below), and much more. I had the opportunity to try the latter, which is made using Patron and Grand Marnier. And yes, it’s just as amazing as it sounds. The folks over at It’s Poppin also plan on serving wine in the near future, so that’s yet another Lushworthy addition you can look forward to.

It’s Poppin is located at 3165 Peachtree Road in Buckhead. Also, be sure to check out Cake Cafe Atlanta (It’s Poppin’s big sis) if you’re looking for a true bakery fix.

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