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This year will serve as the fourth time I’ve attended the Atlanta Food & Wine Festival, so I’ve definitely learned a thing or two over the past few years. And with the 2015 Atlanta Food & Wine Festival kicking off this weekend, it seemed only right to share a handful of tips with you guys.

Don’t Stay Thirsty, My Friend – Whether it’s the Atlanta Food & Wine Festival or some hipster music fest in the middle of nowhere, staying hydrated is always key. There’s plenty of free water at the festival, so there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be properly hydrated.

Sign Up For Classes/Seminars Ahead Of Time – Not sure if this is an option for everyone, but if you can, be sure to sign up for festival classes/seminars, online. The festival has welcomed bigger and bigger crowds each year, and I’ve noticed that quite a few classes sell out before doors even open for that particular day.

Hey, Bag Lady – This tip is primarily for the ladies. I highly recommend wearing either a cross-body bag or a mini backpack to the festival. Trust me, you’re going to want to have your hands free during the tasting tents. There’s nothing like having to hold two souvenir glasses, a tasting tents map, three GooGoo Clusters, and your Marc Jacobs satchel.

Mixing And A Mingling – The cool thing about the Atlanta Food & Wine Festival is that it welcomes people from across the country, and at this point, probably even the globe. Don’t be scurred, try and meet a new friend or two while you’re enjoying the festivities.

Pace Yourself – I was definitely guilty of not pacing myself my first two years at the festival, specifically at the tasting tents. There’s just so many tasty options, and you want to try them all! Just take a breath and relax. The food is not running away and there’s plenty of it for everyone, so please do pace yourself.

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As much as I love the Atlanta Food & Wine Festival, it can definitely be overwhelming at times. The annual festival, which will take place from May 29 to June 1, includes various dinners, seminars, and tasting tents. The tasting tents alone are enough to bring foodies and boozies (is that a word yet?) to their knees with joy.

In case things get a little too overwhelming, I’ve gone ahead and created somewhat of a Lushworthy-inspired tasting tent cheat sheet for the Atlanta Food & Wine Festival (AFWF). Below you’ll find the names of a handful of brands that will all have tents during the festival. I’ve also included a brief description as to why I think you should check ‘em out. Oh, and the three digit number in bold at the end of each description shows where you can find their tent on the official festival map.

Campari America –  With over 45 spirits to its name, you can be sure that Campari America will be slinging some must-have cocktails during AFWF. 191

Savannah Sweet Tea Lemonade Bourbon – I’m not terribly familiar with this brand, but since I’m obsessed with the city of Savannah, bourbon, and both sweet tea and lemonade, this sounds like a solid tasting tent winner. 186

Wines Of Chile – If you’re a lover of all things vino then I’m sure you’re quite familiar with the wines coming out of the Southern American country of Chile. It’s said to be some of the best in the world. Even if you’re not a wine lover you should still indulge in at least a few sips. 209

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After attending the Atlanta Food & Wine Festival over the weekend, when asked about the festival my first reaction was to proclaim, “I loved everything!!!” And yes, that statement would be followed by that many exclamation points. But during the festival, I was intent on finding just a handful of Lushworthy favorites to focus on. It took a minute to narrow things down, but I was able to compile a list of what I personally believe were the bet sips from the annual festival. Check it out!

Whisper Creek Tennessee Sipping Cream – Just think Baileys, but with a Southern twang. I’m a big fan of cream-based liqueurs, so I was really looking forward to tasting this latest liqueur, which is based out of Tennessee. The addition of whiskey gives Whisper Creek Tennessee Sipping Cream an added (and very welcomed) kick and it’s not as sugary sweet as your typical cream liqueur.

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Each year, thousands of Atlantan’s and plenty of out-of-towners converge in Midtown Atlanta for the annual Atlanta Food & Wine Festival. The foodie’s come out in droves at the annual event, but as someone who’s had the opportunity to attend the festival I can tell you that there’s plenty of wine tastings, cocktail classes, and beer seminars to keep all you Lushworthy individuals more than satisfied. The May 30th kickoff for the festival is approaching fast, so I’ve gone ahead and compiled a minor cheat sheet for those of you struggling to choose what events you want to attend.

Ramos Gin Fizz – Look, you guys are afraid of gin. I get it. Gin is arguably one of the most intimidating spirits out there, but it’s time to face your fear folks. So, why not rid yourself of your gin fears and also learn how to make the New Orleans favorite, the “Ramos Gin Fizz” during this cocktail class?

Sip Down Under – Australia wine? Yes, please. During this seminar you’ll have the opportunity to sample both “world-renowned vintages” and “lesser-known, up-and-coming gems” from the land down under…mate.

Cocktails & Confections – Oh hells yes! At this cooking demonstration, Gary Crunkleton and Plinio Sandalio will teach participants how to infuse desserts with various cocktail ingredients.

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We’ve got a little more than a month left until the Atlanta Food & Wine Festival kicks off and I’m starting to get really excited especially since the festival will be focusing a lot more on liquor/cocktails this year. There’s quite a few seminars/events that will revolve around liquor so it might be a bit difficult to attend every liquor-friendly event so I’ve gone ahead and pulled a few that look pretty promising. Below you’ll find the name of each event, when it takes place, and also the description of each event via the AFWF site. Oh, and you know I couldn’t help but add a little commentary of my own. Also, please be sure to double-check the AFWF calendar as we get closer to the festival as dates are subject to change.

History Of The Southern Cocktail (May 11) – “Inspired cocktail creations have invaded Southern tables for years. During this tasting seminar, participants will listen to the experts extol the history of mixing cocktails in the South, from speakeasies to living rooms, while sipping on favorite Southern concoctions.”

Lushworthy Commentary: Maybe it’s because I’ve lived in Atlanta most of my life, but I find that there’s something very intriguing and almost whimsical about Southern cocktails. With that being said I’m sure hearing the history of these cocktails would make for a pretty interesting seminar. 

Think Tequila. Think Again. (May 11) – “Once niche beverages that started in small villages, Mezcal, Rhum Agricole and Pisco now give mixologists around the world fresh inspiration. During this tasting seminar, participants will explore alternative and distinctive spirits from South of the Border that make up really cool cocktails.”

Lushworthy Commentary: I have to admit that my knowledge of tequila is a little on the sad side. And I’m pretty sure merely stating that “it tastes delicious” isn’t going to cut it as a liquor blogger. So I definitely plan on attending this seminar armed with pen and pad ready to get all the Lushworthy facts. Read more