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It’s more than halfway through the basketball season and the playoffs are quickly approaching. My home team, the New York Knickerbockers are the NBA’s village idiots at this point (fresh off a 38 point loss as I type this). And the fat lady has sung, and exited “the Mecca of basketball.” Bitter, disgusted, and dejected, much like the rest of New York City, I check my Instagram account and I see Danielle attending an Atlanta Hawks game and actually witnessing her red hot home team in person. While jealousy began to overcome me, I figured it’s best not to hate and instead congratulate. With that being said, I wanted to come up with a cocktail tipping my hat to the Beasts Of The East, The Atlanta Hawks.

The Beasts Of The East cocktail is as tasty as it is pretty. Each layer gives you a sweet and enjoyable taste that can stand alone or mix nicely together. With Bacardi’s Torched Cherry Rum and Viniq Liqueur, the casual or hardcore fans alike can enjoy the game over a few of these. Best of luck to the Atlanta Hawks and all their fans, enjoy this cocktail. Cheers!


Bottom Layer 1oz Bacardi Torched Cherry Rum 1.5 oz Simple Syrup 0.5 oz Grenadine

3 oz Mountain Dew Code Red

Top Layer 1 oz Viniq Liqueur

3 oz Mountain Dew Voltage


Start by combining all bottom layer ingredients in a mixing glass and stir them together. Pour your mixture into a cocktail glass over ice. Next combine the top layer ingredients in a mixing glass and stir them together. With a bar spoon, carefully layer your mixture by slowly pouring it onto the back of the spoon until your glass is full. Garnish with a cherry and serve with a cocktail straw.

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Guest Post By Gregg Jarahian

The Atlanta Hawks and Fizz invited local, brew-centric minded media to a sneak preview of the 2014 HAWKtoberfest during a recent game at Phillips Arena.

We were treated to a suite, snacks, and beers during the game, along with a tour of the event space. During the game we spoke with representatives from the Atlanta Hawks and Fizz to acquire everything you need to know about attending HAWKtoberfest.

What is HAWKtoberfest?

The Atlanta Hawks’ 2nd Annual HAWKtoberfest will take place at Philips Arena and celebrates Atlanta’s local craft breweries! You can enjoy offerings from local breweries, talk with the brewmasters, enjoy live music by Yacht Rock Revue, and sample craft beer treats from Happy Hour Confections.

What is the date and who are the Hawks playing?

HAWKtoberfest will take place at Philips Arena on March 21, 2014 during the Hawks vs. New Orleans Pelicans game from 6 PM to the end of the third quarter.

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Every now and then I receive a newsletter from Gentleman Jack promoting a sports-themed contest. I’ve yet to win one of their contests, but it seemed only right to share the info on here in case someone out there is feeling a little lucky. Gentleman Jack’s latest contest is their Ultimate Game Day Experience and here’s what you’ll receive if you win:

“One lucky winner, along with three of their friends, will be chauffeured from the winner’s home to dinner and then onto an Atlanta Hawks game where they’ll receive exclusive Gentleman Jack – Atlanta Hawks gift bags.”

All you have to do to enter is visit and provide your contact information. Also, I get the feeling that Gentleman Jack might offer similar contests in different cities. So even if you don’t live in Atlanta you might want to sign up for their newsletter just in case. Good luck!

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