Atlanta Rapper Pill Speaks On The Importance Of Drinking Responsibly (Video)

In this recent installment of “The Plight Of Pill,” Atlanta rapper and Maybach Music’s own Pill spoke on how important it is to drink responsibly. As much as rappers refer to their Hennessy, Moet, etc. it was kind of refreshing hearing Pill speak on the negative side of drinking. The rapper referred to a particular, unfortunate incident which resulted in two DUI’s and gave a few words of advice as well.

“Just a message to the younger kids in college drinking. If you drinking you gotta pay attention to you drink. If you set your drink down don’t go back and drink it. If you with some friends make sure everybody’s watching everybody. Cause somebody could easily put something in your drink,” said Pill.

Yea, this blog is about all that’s great about the liquor and spirits world but at the end of the day drinking responsibly is major and I can’t even begin to stress how important it is. In fact, I’ve even created a new category for Lushworthy that’s dedicated completely to drinking responsibly.