Atlanta’s Newest Food-Centered Pub, The Drafting Table, To Please Both Foodies & Cocktail Connoisseurs

I love great food just as much as I do amazing cocktails and while finding a restaurant or bar that dishes up both can be pretty tedious, you’re likely to find this tantalizing duo at a gastropub nearest you. What exactly is a gastropub you ask? Well, it’s basically a bar that has a high focus on above average food. So you certainly won’t find beer nuts or cheese fries at your local gastropub, but what you will find are culinary delights that are likely crafted by a dedicated team of chefs.

I had the opportunity to check out Atlanta’s newest gastropub, The Drafting Table, earlier in the week and I’m definitely plotting my return. During the private open house, there were a total of four cocktails available to guests and all were made using spirits from Portland, Oregon-based House Spirits Distillery. I wasn’t on full Lushworthy mode so I only had the opportunity to sample three out of the four cocktails (pictured below). My favorite was hands down the “Swift Kick In The Mule” which was made using vodka, Pur Elderflower Liqueur, lime, ginger, grapefruit bitters, and ginger beer. I’m beginning to love any cocktail made using ginger beer so the “Swift Kick In The Mule” was an easy win in my book.

Boasting “good food by design,” The Drafting Table is currently serving up dishes that include their Yelp-praised 50/50 Burger, fried green tomatoes, and pizza topped with smoked ham, almonds, cinnamon, and pineapples (God I can’t wait to try that last dish again). Two dishes that weren’t listed on the current online menu which I was able to sample were both the fried cauliflower and raw tuna with seaweed on pumpernickel bread. I’m sure a lot of people would be skeptical of both, but seriously, try it! I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Located at the intersection of Hill Street and Decatur Street, The Drafting Table is located at the Pencil Factory Lofts in downtown Atlanta.