Atlanta’s Poor Calvin’s Rich On Craft Cocktails & Flavorful Fusions, Despite Its Name

I’m sure I’ve mentioned this in a previous blog post, but as much as I love a great cocktail, enjoying or attempting to enjoy said cocktail becomes much more of a chore when it’s paired with a mediocre meal. I mean, a cocktail prepared by one of the country’s most esteemed mixologists surely loses its luster when it’s paired with a Bic Mac and cold fries (please note that I said cold fries because there are far things greater than a fresh batch of fries from Mickey D’s).

So, I was definitely in for a pleasant surprise when I was invited to attend dinner at Atlanta restaurant Poor Calvin’s last month and enjoyed both my meal and the few cocktails I was able to sample.

Poor Calvin’s Fusion Cocktail (Left) and Sazerac (Right).

As always, let’s get straight to the cocktails. I wanted to sample a variety of cocktails, so I chose one that’s Poor Calvin’s signature cocktail, one that’s a classic, and lastly, a dessert cocktail. I’ll start off with my favorite, a surprising favorite at that, “The Fuji Apple.” This particular cocktail is made using Frangelico, Vanilla-Apple Vodka, apple butter, and molasses. They obviously had me at apple butter, but I was still a little skeptical about this one and almost ordered another dessert-y cocktail instead. All of the ingredients seemed like they would create a super sweet cocktail, but to my surprise “The Fuji Apple” was a surprisingly mellow blend of flavors. There was a subtle sweetness to “The Fuji Apple” and the addition of Frangelico and vanilla added a welcoming amount of decadence.

The Fuji Apple

The signature drink, “Poor Calvin’s Fusion Cocktail” wasn’t a personal favorite, but I can see how this cocktail will surely be a favorite this spring/summer. It’s a simple combination of Aboslut vodka infused with fresh berries and pineapple juice. I think the “Poor Calvin’s Fusion Cocktail” could have benefited from the addition of one unexpected element (mint maybe?), but it’s heavily on the refreshing side and a definite go to if you want something other than your standard vodka and fruit juice combo. The last cocktail I sampled was the “Sazerac.” Straight to the point and potent thanks to a combination of Hennessy and Knob Creek Rye Whiskey, Poor Calvin’s “Sazerac” is well-done ode to a classic.

Baked oysters with artichoke hearts.

As far as dinner, I absolutely fell in love with the baked oysters. I’m a huge fan of oysters,  and once cheese is thrown into the mix I’m really in foodie heaven. Poor Calvin’s oyster dish is a combination of both oysters and parmesan cheddar (and lots of it) as well as sun dried tomato, which creates a broth ideal for submerging pieces of bread into.

Fried chicken with lobster macaroni and cheese.

Another foodie highlight was the fried chicken dish, which was piled atop a helping of lobster mac and cheese. I was hoping for a little more lobster, but that usually happens whenever lobster is included in any dish, so that obviously isn’t much of a critique.

You can find pictures of the other dishes I had the chance to nosh on below, and if you’re hoping to take a trip to Poor Calvin’s anytime soon you can find them at 510 Piedmont Avenue.

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