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I haven’t been back in Atlanta more than 24 hours yet and already I’m eager to share the details of my recent trip to Miami. Miami (South Beach in particular) is a pretty popular tourist spot. So, I’m sure many of you are familiar with the hoity-toity mega-clubs and sidewalk cafes that charge you well over 30 bucks for a margarita with two gallons of ice plopped into it. Although I do have to admit that I did indulge in one over-priced, sidewalk margarita. What can I say? I just can’t avoid the allure of numerous, neon-hued straws.

Anywho, while taking the South Beach Food Tour (also “the move”) our tour guide pointed out a well-known, Miami Beach dive bar called Mac’s Club Deuce. She revealed that it was a favorite of Anthony Bourdain, and at that point I knew it was a place I had to check out before the end of my trip. Unfortunately, I waited until my last night on Miami Beach to check out this divey jewel, and here’s a few reasons why my visit to Mac’s Club Deuce was pretty damn amazing.

Cheap, Strong Drinks – You’re more likely to come across a three-legged unicorn than you are a cheap drink on South Beach. Thankfully though, the drinks at Mac’s Club Deuce are both affordable and potent. I switched between a Manhattan and Guinness the night I was there. The Manhattan was made using Maker’s Mark and was only $9 and the bottle of Guinness was $6.

Shenanigans – No good dive bar is complete without a surplus of shenanigans. So, here are just a few randomly hilarious and/or interesting moments I witnessed.

  1. A man riding his bike around the pool table.
  2. Two, Atlanta chicks hovering over the jukebox, singing loudly to Incubus and Outkast. And yes, I was one of them.

A couple of months ago I took a week long trip to Aruba and to be honest with you aside from constantly hitting up the pool bar during Happy Hour, I didn’t have the opportunity to take part in too many Lushworthy activities. Thankfully though, I was able to check out The Sopranos Piano Bar which is part of a chain of bars that’s well-known for featuring pianists that’ll sing just about any tune you can throw at ’em.

“Espresso Martini” at The Sopranos Piano Bar in Aruba.

We were in Aruba during low-season so aside from myself and my two cousins there were only about 10 people in the bar and I’m pretty sure that at least seven of them were completely wasted. We grabbed a cozy, circular booth on the porch area and browsed through the drink menu while listening to pianist Steve Savage play everything from “Gangster’s Paradise” to “Margaritaville.”  I do feel like The Sopranos Piano Bar is one of those places where it’s a little more exciting when there’s more people, but Savage and his piano were pretty entertaining.