Battle Of The Southern Comfort “Whatever’s Comfortable” Dudes: Shampoo Guy vs. Shirtless, Beach Hunk (Giveaway)

I was fully expecting the shirtless guy from Southern Comfort’s first “Whatever’s Comfortable” commercial to again work his magic in the brand’s latest ad, so I was a little saddened when this wasn’t the case. Instead of our confident, banana hammock-sporting homeboy, we’re instead introduced to a new guy in Southern Comfort’s “Shampoo” commercial. I was a little leery of Shampoo Guy at first, but as soon as he put on his glasses to give the lady across the way a compelling head nod while holding on to a glass of SoCo on the rocks and getting his hair shampooed, I realized he might just be as cool as our Shirtless, Beach Hunk.

So, now that we’ve got a new “Whatever’s Comfortable” hero to rave about, I have to ask you guys who you think is the better “Whatever’s Comfortable” mascot. Shampoo Guy or Shirtless, Beach Hunk? Before you answer that, I have a handful of categories you may want to consider. I’ve also offered my opinion on who I think should take each category.

Style – Shampoo Guy – Yes, the handlebar mustache is pretty amazing, but those snakeskin boots really sealed the deal for me.

Appeal To The Ladies – Shirtless, Beach Hunk – The fact that I’m even referring to this guy as a “hunk” already shows that he’s a hit with the ladies.

Level Of Comfort – Shampoo Guy – Since both men are part of Southern Comfort’s “Whatever’s Comfortable” campaign this is a pretty vital category. While rocking a Speedo on the beach without a model body is indeed bold, I’ve got to give it to Shampoo Guy for this one. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a man getting his hair done at a women’s salon. It takes a lot of confidence in ones self to pull that off, especially comfortably.

Popularity – Shirtless, Beach Hunk – This choice is a little premature since Shampoo Guy is still a pretty fresh addition, but our Lushworthy beach bum is the guy who really set the “Whatever’s Comfortable” campaign off and as a result his popularity will more than likely not be topped.

If you need to quickly refresh your memory, you can find both commercials below. And when you’re done feel free to leave the name of the Southern Comfort dude you prefer in the comments section below. I’ll choose one winner on Thursday (July 11) from the comments section and if you’re chosen you’ll win the Southern Comfort prize pack below! Must be 21 or over to enter.

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