Boozy Apple Cider In A Flash With Wicked Dolphin Rum – LUSHWORTHY

A few weeks ago, I received a bottle of Wicked Dolphin Spiced Rum in the mail. Upon receiving the bottle, I immediately knew what my plans would be…boozy apple cider. I love a good rum punch or pina colada, but once fall and winter hit, I’m taking full advantage of boozy apple cider and egg nog cocktails.

I’m sure there’s several, uber-fancy ways of making apple cider. But time and place, folks. Time and place. If you happen to be short on time or don’t feel like picking apples from the orchard, there’s Alpine Spiced Apple Cider. It’s kind of the truth. It was perfect paired with the Wicked Dolphin Spiced Rum, and together the two made for an ideal, Lushworthy treat on a cold, Atlanta night.

I was only able to sample Wicked Dolphin Spiced Rum in the apple cider and on the rocks. On the rocks, you get a really nice array of flavors given the distilling process for Wicked Dolphin. Nothing’s too overpowering, and it is a relatively smooth rum.

A quick bit of info on Wicked Dolphin Spiced Rum for those curious. It’s described as an “artisan rum,” and is distilled from premium Florida cane sugar, honey, oranges, and spices. In addition to Wicked Dolphin Spiced Rum, there’s also Wicked Dolphin Coconut Rum. I was very impressed with the spiced rum, and as someone who may or may not be mildly obsessed with coconut rum, I’m very eager to try Wicked Dolphin’s other flavor profile.

Check out the cider recipe, below. Cheers!


1 Packet Alpine Spiced Apple Cider Hot Water 2 oz. Wicked Dolphin Spiced Rum

Cinnamon Stick