Captain Morgan Marks His Return In New “Perfect Getaway” Commercial (Video)

On top of the usual dose of zombies and edge of your seat suspense, myself and all the other “The Walking Dead” fans out there were also treated to Captain Morgan’s new “Perfect Getaway” commercial during last night’s episode. That’s right, everyone’s favorite swashbuckling, slightly rum-obsessed pirate marked his triumphant return to prime time. The newest Captain Morgan commercial comes courtesy of famed director Todd Field and production designer Nathan Crowley and together they both deliver a visually impressive, minute-long spot.

In the video, Captain Morgan rescues a crew mate who viewers later discover has a treasure map tattooed on his back. Where will this mysterious map lead Captain Morgan and his crew, you ask? No friggin’ clue, but the commercial is part of a trilogy so I’m sure we’ll find out in the upcoming “Cave” and “Fire Ship” commercials.

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