Cheap Drinks In Hong Kong And Where To Find Them

Hong Kong has gained quite the reputation for being one of the costliest cities around. But if you’re looking to get your drink on, there are definitely ways to do that without breaking the bank. Following my recent trip to Hong Kong, I gathered a few tips on how you can enjoy your cocktails on the cheap while in the Pearl Of The Orient. 

Complimentary Happy Hour At Ovolo Hotels – Well, it doesn’t get any cheaper than free. During our stay in Hong Kong, we stayed at the Ovolo Aberdeen Harbour, and were treated to a complimentary, two-hour Happy Hour every darn day. Seriously, it was great. The staff put out a selection of wines, spirits, mixers, and snacks during those two hours, and you’re allowed to serve yourself. They also fill your FREE mini-bar with local beer. Again, it was great.

The Ovolo Aberdeen Harbour is on a pretty chill side of Hong Kong Island. I personally enjoyed it since we were able to take advantage of cheap food and less hustle and bustle. But if Aberdeen isn’t quite your style, there are several Ovolo hotels in Hong Kong to choose from. 

Beer Is Your Friend – Since I was traveling on a budget during my trip to Asia, I already told myself in advance that beer would be my booze BFF. It’s cheap, and occasionally tasty. A win, win in my book.

A trip to Lamma Island was on our agenda in Hong Kong, partially due to the fact that Andy’s Seafood Restaurant, an Anthony Bourdain-approved seafood restaurant was on the island. Not only was I treated to some very tasty seafood dishes while at Andy’s (salt and pepper squid/seafood with noodles), the beer is cheap, cold, and huuuge. I paid about two or three bucks for a 40 oz. beer. 

You can also find a nice selection of cheap beers in convenience stores across Hong Kong, if you’re not staying at an Ovolo hotel and need help stashing your hotel minibar. 

“Splurge” With A High-End Happy Hour – If you’ve got a few extra dollars to spare for a drank at a nicer bar, definitely look into your Happy Hour options. At Sugar, an open-air rooftop bar located in East hotel, you can find Happy Hour cocktails that range in price from $7 to $9. While that doesn’t necessarily qualify as a “cocktail on the cheap,” it’s nice to splurge a little bit and the view from Sugar is absolutely amazing.