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Rumors ran rampant about the introduction of Ciroc Watermelon to the line of flavors from Ciroc Vodka, but a recent Instagram post from Diddy has revealed that the newest flavor from the popular vodka line is in fact Ciroc Amaretto.

I want to stress that so far this news has not officially been confirmed by Ciroc or Diageo, but Diddy’s Instagram post does seem to be pretty legit and Twitter is already afire with posts about the newest Ciroc addition.

How do you guys feel about the introduction of Ciroc Amaretto? I was personally taken aback by the introduction of this particular flavor, especially since Ciroc is pretty well-known for their fruit-based flavors, but it does seem promising. Stay tuned for info on when Ciroc Amaretto will be made available.

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It looks like the folks over at Ciroc were just as excited about the start of Spring as I was because they’ve managed to concoct a number of extremely delicious looking cocktails for this season. With ingredients that include rose water, chocolate coconut water, and rosemary-infused agave, master mixologist Billy Ray clearly wasn’t playing any games with these drink recipes.

There’s a little something for everyone with Ciroc’s Spring-friendly cocktails. If you prefer your cocktail on the savory side there’s the “Spring Spice,” which combines basil, jalapeno, lime, and a handful of other flavors. And if you’re looking for a lower calorie option there’s always the “Chocolate Coconut Latte,” a cocktail that combines Ciroc, chocolate coconut water, agave, and iced coffee. You can find recipes for both cocktails as well as the “Peach Ambrosia” and “Equinox Environment” below.

Peach Ambrosia (Pictured Above)


1.5 oz. CÎROC Peach

3/4 oz. Lemon Juice

3/4 Lavender Syrup

6 Blueberries

3 Drops of Rose Water


Place six blueberries in mixing tin and muddle. Add lavender syrup, lemon juice, rose water, and CÎROC peach. Pack with ice and give it a hard and long shake. Strain into a double old fashion glass with ice.

To help celebrate the release of Simone “Boss Lady” Amelia’s cute new kicks with Reebok, Ciroc ultra premium vodka was on hand to get the party going at My Fair Sweets Bakery last month during the Atlanta launch of this latest addition to the Reebok collection. Hosted by Branded PR, guests at the launch were of course treated to various sweets from My Fair Sweets Bakery as well as cocktails from Ciroc. And from the video recap it looks to have been quite the festive affair. For a better look at the limited edition Betwixt Mid “Boss Lady” sneakers visit

I never took Diddy as the mixologist type, but if he had any hand in creating the cocktails below then I’m pretty darn impressed. While Ciroc’s spring/summer cocktails were a mix of fruity and refreshing, their holiday cocktails are much more on the heavier side with each of the cocktails below calling for the addition of cream in their recipes. The “Ciroc Peach Cobbler” is a simple, seasonal cocktail that’ll likely be a hit over the holidays since it consists of a mere three ingredients. And if you’ve found yourself longing for those creamy pina colada’s of summer then look no further than the “Ciroc Holiday Spice” which is a remixed version of the pina colada that includes the addition of cinnamon, nutmeg, and several other ingredients.

Ciroc Peach Cobbler (Pictured Above)


.75 oz Cîroc Peach .75 oz Hazelnut Liquor

.75 oz Heavy Cream