Ciroc Watermelon: Liquor Fact Or Fiction?

Looks like Ciroc lovers are already embracing the idea of yet another fruity flavor being added to the brand, but I’m not so sure about the legitimacy of this one. The only proof of Ciroc Watermelon is a picture of a random person holding a bottle of the watermelon-flavored vodka. The bottle looks very real and comparing it with the Ciroc Red Berry bottle everything seems to be there. The font is right and so is the coloring, but I don’t understand why a random person would have a bottle of an unreleased flavor. It’s obviously not  Diddy and I’m pretty sure the big wigs at Diageo aren’t rocking wrist tattoos.

Also, watermelon seems like a really odd flavor choice for Ciroc. I thought peach was a little iffy, but watermelon-flavored Ciroc does seem a bit “basic.” Ciroc puts itself out there as a high-end brand and watermelon seems better suited for a brand like Smirnoff. If Ciroc did release a watermelon flavor the jokes would be endless and I’m pretty sure they’re aware of that. So if you ask me I’m going to have to say that Ciroc Watermelon is pure liquor fiction. Maybe the bottle was photoshopped or maybe it’s a real bottle created by someone with way too much time on their hands. I don’t know if I’m looking too much into this, but it does look like the bottle is just floating in this guys hand like he has no real grip. Possible evidence of Photoshop?

Either way I’m pretty sure Ciroc Watermelon is bogus and I’d be extremely surprised if July rolls around and I’m on here posting Ciroc Watermelon drink recipes.

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