Cocktail Elitists Beware, Former “Jersey Shore” Cast Member Ronnie Ortiz Launches SMUSH Cocktails

Doomed, star-crossed lover Juliet Capulet once asked, “What’s in a name,” in Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet. And to be honest with ya, sometimes the name of a product has a lot to do with whether or not it’ll be purchased. So when I first heard that former “Jersey Shore” star and avid fist-pumper Ronnie Ortiz would be launching a new line of adult beverages called SMUSH Cocktails I immediately engaged in a deep eye roll. Oh, but the fun doesn’t stop there folks. Here are the various flavors featured in the line: The Smushjito, The Apple Smushtini, The Smushita (Margarita), and The Cosmush (Cosmopolitan).

“This is a great opportunity for me and I look at it as a growing business that can continue to expand for years to come,” said Ortiz in a statement. “People still love and have great memories about Jersey Shore, but at the same time, I know we have a great line of drinks. Everyone who has tried them, loves them. So if I can use my celebrity to make them huge, I will.”

SMUSH Cocktails seems poised to jump on the low-calorie cocktail trend since it’s only 34 calories per serving and isn’t made using any artificial sweeteners. I strongly believe there’s room for everyone here in the liquor world so if you’d prefer to indulge in a “Smushjito” rather than an “Old Fashioned” then more power to ya.

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