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If you know me then you know that I’m a fan of the wacky guys featured in Southern Comfort’s “Whatever’s Comfortable” commercials. It’s been a minute since we were last introduced to one of SoCo’s whisky-drinking characters and last week that all came to an end thanks to Southern Comfort’s new “Dance” commercial. Whenever I come across one of the “Whatever’s Comfortable” commercials my brain is usually bombarded with a number of random observations, so I figured I’d actually list ’em out this time. Here goes…

1. Is he wearing a cookie on his shirt? Seriously though, is that a paper cookie stuck to his chest? And if so, then I think I want one.

2. This song is kinda jammin’. Yep, the song’s called “Estrelar” by Marcos Valle and I will be YouTube-ing it in a matter of minutes for an impromptu jam session. Yes, a jam session quite similar to the one featured in this video.

3. Top Row, Center. You see the dance move buddy’s performing in the top row, center column around the 0:35 mark? There’s about an 82.5% chance that you’ll be performing that same exact dance move in the club two weeks from now.

4. Moves Like Jagger? Is it just me or did his dance moves become a lot more suave once he had a glass of whiskey in his hand?

5. Garnish game on lock. Southern Comfort should really consider creating drink garnishes that are actual waving flags. How epic would that be?

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Goodbye, Claire Forlani. Hello, The Baron. Oh, and hello controversy too. Yep, it appears that Dewar’s has released a new commercial and it’s already drawing a great deal of criticism. In Dewar’s commercial, titled “Meet The Baron,” a man and his trusted sidekick are seen dodging a number of ill occurrences during their time spent together. At one point in the commercial the narrator goes on to commend The Baron as he states, “He wouldn’t just take a bullet for ya, he’d be the one throwing himself on the explosives.” As the narrator reads that particular line, a full-figured woman appears in the shot and is immediately met by The Baron who seems to “take a bullet for” his companion by entertaining this woman.

I’m sure men, likely Dewar’s target audience, found the commercial absolutely hilarious mildly funny. But as a woman who’s far from a size two I can see where some may find the commercial offensive. It pokes fun of full-size women and I’m pretty sure that cornball tactic was relegated to D-list comedians and not spirits brands…guess not.

Levels of comfortability are continuing to be heightened thanks to Southern Comfort’s clever “Whatever’s Comfortable” campaign. With a handful of commercials now under its belt, the campaign’s focus is to celebrate all the individuals out there who are fully comfortable in their own skin, quirks and all. Southern Comfort debuted their latest commercial, titled “Karate,” last week and as randomly amazing as the video is I’m sure it’s going to be another favorite. You can watch the commercial in its entirety below.

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So, I was watching TV earlier this week and Kraft’s new “Zesty Commercial,” which features the brands Zesty Italian Dressings, came on. Almost immediately the commercial reminded me of a pretty similar ad. You probably remember a few months back Sauza tequila recruited a shirtless fireman for their “Make It With A Fireman” commercial. In the commercial, a fireman goes on to strip down until he’s shirtless and proceeds to show viewers how to make a Sauza margarita. In Kraft’s commercial, an equally handsome man’s t-shirt is singed off as he shows the ladies how to make a salad. (I hear those are pretty darn hard to make.)

Now is it just me or does it seem like Kraft completely borrowed Sauza’s “hot-shirtless-guy-trying-to-teach-you-how-to-make-something-hella-simple” idea? I feel that I’m a defender of all things Lushworthy so I’m a little irked by Kraft’s “borrowing.” Anywho, get your hands on a margarita and check out both commercials below and let me know what you think!

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On top of the usual dose of zombies and edge of your seat suspense, myself and all the other “The Walking Dead” fans out there were also treated to Captain Morgan’s new “Perfect Getaway” commercial during last night’s episode. That’s right, everyone’s favorite swashbuckling, slightly rum-obsessed pirate marked his triumphant return to prime time. The newest Captain Morgan commercial comes courtesy of famed director Todd Field and production designer Nathan Crowley and together they both deliver a visually impressive, minute-long spot.

In the video, Captain Morgan rescues a crew mate who viewers later discover has a treasure map tattooed on his back. Where will this mysterious map lead Captain Morgan and his crew, you ask? No friggin’ clue, but the commercial is part of a trilogy so I’m sure we’ll find out in the upcoming “Cave” and “Fire Ship” commercials.

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TY KU Sake already seem poised to set itself apart from other sake brands when it recruited singer/rapper Cee Lo Green as a partner, and now the brand is fully ready to introduce itself to the masses in a new television commercial. I’ve yet to come across the commercial for the Manhattan-based, Japan-brewed sake on television, but I’m sure you’ll catch it between episodes of your favorite reality show in the very near future. Also, after checking out the commercial you may want to head over to the to read about TY KU’s goal to become “the first premium sake call brand.”

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