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You don’t have to be dripping assets to make some pretty cool enhancements to your home. All you’ve got to be is creative and willing to experiment. Just consider these 31 exceptionally easy to do, yet positively impacting, projects for your home. From using a sharpie on a coffee mug, to trimming a t-shirt into a tank-top for workouts, to bookends turned ninety degrees, screwed into the wall, and used to make “floating” bookshelves, there are some interesting options worth considering.

Unfortunately today, many people aren’t clever enough to be creative with what they have at their disposal. Thank goodness the internet is there to catalog and promulgate unique ideas, but don’t let the web do your thinking for you! There are a lot of different ways you can upgrade your home which have yet to be discovered!

Still, to help get your mind thinking the right way, it’s wise to look up varying articles which help you see what can be done with relatively little. That old saying certainly rings true—one man’s trash is another’s treasure. It’s all about how imaginative you are, and how willing you are to try new things.

Being Stumped In A Good Way

A tree-stump could become a fine piece of outside furniture, or even a centerpiece—consider these artistic tree stump ideas; Tree stump ideas may make a nice addition to your backyard, but… Not all types of trees are suitable. When you’re being creative, it’s wise to do a little homework so you save yourself the unnecessary hassle.

For example, if you detect signs of termite activity, it may be time to dump that stump. You can bet the termites won’t be stumped (pun apologetically intended) when their food supply runs out; they’ll look for the next available source and caravan the queen to a new spot. If that new spot is your basement, it could destroy your house!

So though it’s wise to be creative, find new ways to do things, and reinvent the place you call home one should always be careful. Sometimes it’s better to be clutter free and unlike a hoarder, at times it may be better to waste an opportunity. Experience helps to delineate between these two maxims, and experimentation is required to excel and evolve.

Thinking Big And Branching Out

You can go big, too. You know, building an exterior deck isn’t all that complicated. Even if you’re relatively novice when it comes to woodworking, a pair of gloves, a saw, a hammer, some nails, a few free afternoons, and an determination could produce a fairly sturdy, dependable deck. Check out this site where DIY deck plans can be found.

All you’ve got to do is measure the space, determine what materials you need, buy them, then put the thing together. If a board is four inches wide, it only takes 120 to make forty feet.

If it takes you five minutes to lay down and fasten board, then the whole project might only take 10 hours for initial installation. If it takes you ten hours to frame the deck, 10 hours to install board, 10 hours to finish it, and 10 hours to install a railing, then after a regular work-week’s level of effort, you’ll have a massive extension to your home which could increase property value by many thousands of dollars, and will definitely prove a fine home utility. Just do your research beforehand.

After accomplishing a few projects like these, you’ll become much better at using what you have at your disposal, and will be able to extend yourself for far more ambitious projects as the ideas hit you. So it is advised to explore various DIY internal and external home additions. You might be surprised at how intuitive some of these things may be!