Dewar’s New “Meet The Baron” Commercial Draws Criticism, Requests For Removal

Goodbye, Claire Forlani. Hello, The Baron. Oh, and hello controversy too. Yep, it appears that Dewar’s has released a new commercial and it’s already drawing a great deal of criticism. In Dewar’s commercial, titled “Meet The Baron,” a man and his trusted sidekick are seen dodging a number of ill occurrences during their time spent together. At one point in the commercial the narrator goes on to commend The Baron as he states, “He wouldn’t just take a bullet for ya, he’d be the one throwing himself on the explosives.” As the narrator reads that particular line, a full-figured woman appears in the shot and is immediately met by The Baron who seems to “take a bullet for” his companion by entertaining this woman.

I’m sure men, likely Dewar’s target audience, found the commercial absolutely hilarious mildly funny. But as a woman who’s far from a size two I can see where some may find the commercial offensive. It pokes fun of full-size women and I’m pretty sure that cornball tactic was relegated to D-list comedians and not spirits brands…guess not.

The commercial has even resulted in the creation of a petition on calling for the Bacardi-owned brand to “revise their marketing strategies, remove the sexist and offensive “Meet the Baron” [ad].” The petition goes on to state that:

“It is important for them to [realize] that women of all shapes and sizes are not only whisky drinkers but whisky buyers and that their advertising should not only refrain from such horrors as fat shaming but also be gender neutral and respectful of ALL.”

What do you guys think? Did Dewar’s take things a bit too far or did you find the commercial “mildly funny?” Check out the full “Meet The Baron” video below.


@stevehasbeans @scotchblog That blonde woman was a very dangerous criminal and The Baron was merely saving a friend’s life.

— Dewar’s (@dewars) December 9, 2013

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