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It’s painfully hard to believe that there are forgotten barrels of whiskey out there. It simply breaks my heart [insert uber-tearful emoji here]. But thanks to the good folks at Diageo these orphaned barrels of whiskey have now found themselves a home. Earlier this month, it was revealed that Diageo would soon be introducing their Orphan Barrel Whiskey Distilling Company project. As part of the project, the beverage behemoth has chosen to locate these forgotten barrels of whiskey and share them with the public.

“The whiskey warehouses and rickhouses these spirits come from are special places filled with the incredible smells of seasoned oak, rough textures of weathered wood and amazing tastes of precious liquid,” said Ewan Morgan, Master of Whiskey for DIAGEO.  “It’s every worker’s dream of finding that forgotten barrel of delicious whiskey and sharing it with their friends.  That’s exactly what we’re doing.”

The first two whiskeys that will be available to the public will be Barterhouse Whiskey ($75) and Old Blowhard Whiskey ($150). Both were discovered at the Stitzel-Weller facility in Louisville, Kentucky and were then hand-bottled in Tullahoma, Tennessee.

Both whiskeys will be available in limited quantities beginning in March. And if you do happen to get your hands on a bottle feel free to send a shot or two this way.

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The folks over at Diageo, one of the behemoths of booze, are continuing to make major moves and earlier today, the beverage company announced a new, multi-year marketing partnership with the National Basketball Association (NBA).

“Our brands have the unique privilege of participating in some of life’s greatest celebratory moments the world over and what better partner to bring those moments to life than the NBA,” said Peter McDonough, Chief Marketing and Innovation Officer, Diageo. “From the players and competition to fashion, music and nightlife, the NBA opens the door for us to leave a lasting impression with adult fans in truly innovative and meaningful ways around the game.”

Now if you’re like me then you’re probably all, “Oh wow, that’s awesome! [Awkward pause] So, what does this all mean exactly?” Well, details are still a little scarce, but you can expect Crown Royal, Baileys, and Ciroc to take centerstage as part of the deal. Crown Royal will continue to push their “Reign On” campaign and will incorporate exclusive video content geared towards NBA fans. That content will include the multi-part TNT video series “On Point” and the new digital series “Reigning Moments of the Week presented by Crown Royal.”

And you can of course expect Ciroc to be heavily present at NBA All-Star 2014 in New Orleans this February as they’ll be hosting a Ciroc-branded lounge and a handful of other events.

Obviously a major move in the liquor world, I’ll be sure to keep you posted on any other Lushworthy details in regards to Diageo’s latest partnership.

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Rio de Janeiro is one locale that’s hard to top, but with the announcement of the location for the World Class Global Final, Diageo Reserve has done just that. Last year, the competition made its way onto the sunny beaches of Rio and this year World Class will travel to Nice, Monte Carlo, St. Tropez, Ibiza, and Barcelona. Yes, that’s right, the global final will take place in various cities along the Mediterranean Sea. Talk about amazing.

This year’s competition will take place on board the Azamara Journey cruise ship from July 4th to July 9th and will consist of various evening events, conversations, and cocktail challenges that will highlight the skills of the bartending elite.

“The WORLD CLASS Global Final is a landmark event in the luxury industry which has become an internationally recognized platform and mark of distinction for mixology,” said Rudy Paoli, Managing Director Diageo Reserve. “WORLD CLASS elevates the craft of the bartender, discovers new talent and previews the latest trends and must-have fine drinking experiences to the world. Given the strong growth of the Diageo Reserve business within Europe, the Mediterranean was a clear choice for the 2013 Global Final.”

If you’re a bartender who would like to register for your chance to compete at the U.S. finals in the hopes of making it to the global final then be sure to head over to DiageoWorldClassUSA.com where you’ll have to set up a profile and complete training.

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First off, Pharrell gets all his “lush points” taken away for stating that he’s “not much of a drinker” while at the same time promoting a brand new liquor. I find that a little odd, but maybe that’s just me. Anywho, Pharrell celebrated the launch of Qream Liqueur (a partnership with Diageo) in Beverly Hills last night and to be honest it sounds like he’s got himself a nice little product. The line will consist of strawberry cream and peach cream flavors and will retail for about $29.99 per bottle.