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Diddy a.k.a Puff Daddy rakes in some serious dough when it comes to Ciroc Vodka. Quite honestly, if my association with a brand brought in that much money, I’d be extra too. Thankfully though, Diddy has gifted us with some hilarious moments during the times when his promotion for the brand has gone a little left.

That Time He Became A Ciroc Tyrant…

During a club appearance in Atlanta, Georgia years ago, Diddy quite literally threatened to smack the taste (of vodka, I’m assuming) out of a Grey Goose drinker’s mouth for sipping on the competition. I guess you have to appreciate the man’s dedication. I guess…

That Time He Jumped Over A Bull…

Bad Boy Records founder turned vodka slinger turned bull wrangler? Well, not quite. In a video promoting Ciroc, a CGI Diddy swan-dived over a bull. Yes, swan-dived. Quite the elegant swan-dive too. Definitely a quirky, albeit extra way to promote the “perfectly smooth” Ciroc.

That Time Ciroc Time Traveled…

Although I can’t say that Diddy was fully behind this move, I will say that it takes guts to break the rules of space and time to promote your brand. During the premiere of VH1′s CrazySexyCool: The TLC Story, bottles of Ciroc were spotted on the wall of a bar, during a scene with Left Eye. Only problem is the scene took place in the 90s, and Ciroc was reportedly introduced to the U.S. market in 2003.

That Time His “Downton Abbey” Spoof Featuring Ciroc Wasn’t Really Funny…

Err…better luck next time? Appearing as “the first black cast member” on “Downton Abbey,” Diddy poured rounds of Ciroc, expressed his love for numerous women, but didn’t really make us laugh [sad face].

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Rumors ran rampant about the introduction of Ciroc Watermelon to the line of flavors from Ciroc Vodka, but a recent Instagram post from Diddy has revealed that the newest flavor from the popular vodka line is in fact Ciroc Amaretto.

I want to stress that so far this news has not officially been confirmed by Ciroc or Diageo, but Diddy’s Instagram post does seem to be pretty legit and Twitter is already afire with posts about the newest Ciroc addition.

How do you guys feel about the introduction of Ciroc Amaretto? I was personally taken aback by the introduction of this particular flavor, especially since Ciroc is pretty well-known for their fruit-based flavors, but it does seem promising. Stay tuned for info on when Ciroc Amaretto will be made available.

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I never took Diddy as the mixologist type, but if he had any hand in creating the cocktails below then I’m pretty darn impressed. While Ciroc’s spring/summer cocktails were a mix of fruity and refreshing, their holiday cocktails are much more on the heavier side with each of the cocktails below calling for the addition of cream in their recipes. The “Ciroc Peach Cobbler” is a simple, seasonal cocktail that’ll likely be a hit over the holidays since it consists of a mere three ingredients. And if you’ve found yourself longing for those creamy pina colada’s of summer then look no further than the “Ciroc Holiday Spice” which is a remixed version of the pina colada that includes the addition of cinnamon, nutmeg, and several other ingredients.

Ciroc Peach Cobbler (Pictured Above)


.75 oz Cîroc Peach .75 oz Hazelnut Liquor

.75 oz Heavy Cream