Drink Recipe: Add An Adult Twist To The Classic PB & J With Van Gogh Vodka’s “PB & J Frappe”

I’m not sure if you all remember or not, but a few weeks back I added a post expressing my skepticism in regards to Van Gogh Vodka’s new Peanut Butter & Jelly flavor. It wasn’t a direct attack on Van Gogh PB & J or anything like that. Instead it was more of a post about being fed up with all the crazy vodka flavors being released these days. And I have to admit that after seeing the drink recipe for Van Gogh Vodka’s “PB & J Frappe” created by Cooking Channel’s Nadia G. my heart has warmed up a bit. (P.S. That tends to happen whenever there’s a drink recipe involving ice cream) So for those of you stumped on how to make a drink using Van Gogh PB & J I’m sure this recipe will help.


2 oz Van Gogh PB&J Vodka

1 cup milk

1/2 cup favorite vanilla ice cream

1/2 banana

1 heaping tbsp. smooth peanut butter

1 heaping tbsp. raspberry jam / or fresh raspberries


Blend. Serve in tall glass with banana slice or raspberry garnish

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