Drink Recipe: Belvedere Vodka’s New “Grande To Go” Has Quite The Coffee Kick

14 Jan

Although we’re only about two weeks into the new year Belvedere Vodka has already created a handful of new recipes and hey, I’m not complaining. It’s never too early in the new year for a few new cocktails. And if you like your cocktail with a bit of a coffee kick then I’m sure you’re going to absolutely love Belvedere’s new “Grande To Go.” This new cocktail combines Belvedere, Starbucks coffee, and Kahlua so you coffee lover’s out there have probably just found your new favorite drink.

Grande To Go


2 oz Belvedere Pure

.5 oz Kahula

1.5 oz Starbucks Seattle Latte Ready To Drink


Pour ingredients into a glass mug. Add cubed ice.