Drink Recipe: What’s This New “Candy Corona” All About? – LUSHWORTHY

So while browsing the net I’ve come across a few pictures of what appears to be some new kind of Corona. It’s in the regular Corona bottle, but instead of a yellowish hue it has more of a red one. I of course assumed that Corona was introducing some new kind of beer, but after doing a little research I found out that that’s not the case. It’s called the “Candy Corona” and it’s a regular bottle of Corona but with a splash of grenadine and vodka added to it. Apparently it’s the “new new.” I gotta be honest with you guys though, I’m sure I’ll give this a shot just to see what’s it’s about but it sounds pretty awful if you ask me.

Just the thought of Corona and grenadine is making my stomach do flips. Who came up with that? And to be honest I might feel a tad embarrassed asking a bartender to make a “Candy Corona.” I just pray that they know what it is and that I don’t have to explain to them that I want a bottle of Corona with a shot of vodka and grenadine it. That might just warrant an immediate call to AA. But I shall man up for the masses and give this very unique drink a try. Check for a review on here some time next week. And for those eager to try the “Candy Corona” check out the recipe below.


1 shot vodka 1 tbsp grenadine 1 bottle of Corona

A slice of lime