Drink Recipes: Belvedere Vodka To Debut Belvedere Lemon Tea At Belve Music Lounge In Miami

If you won’t be in Miami this week for the Belve Music Lounge (don’t worry I’m in the same boat) here’s yet another reason to gloat on your misfortune. Belvedere Vodka will actually be serving up cocktails made with their new Belvedere Lemon Tea during their three-day long Belve Music Lounge. As an Atlanta resident it’s only natural that I love sweet tea so this new Belvedere Lemon Tea sounds absolutely delicious. The cocktail which features Belvedere Lemon Tea is actually called the “Belvedere Turntable Teabreeze” and consists of Belvedere Lemon Tea, cloudy apple, and coconut water. Other cocktails to be served at the Belve Music Lounge include the “Belve Beat” and “Belvedere Lemonade Power Mix.”

Can’t wait to try the “Belvedere Turntable Teabreeze?” Well, Belvedere Lemon Tea will be released in April so you don’t have to wait too long to get your hands on this cocktail.

Belvedere Turntable Teabreeze (Pictured Above)


60ml/ 2oz Belvedere Lemon Tea

60ml/ 2oz Coconut water

60ml/ 2oz Cloudy apple

(Optional apple garnish)


Build in an ice filled 10oz highball glass.

Belve Beat


30ml/ 1oz Belvedere Vodka

60ml/ 2oz White Cranberry Juice (Ocean Spray brand)

30ml/ 1oz Pomegranate juice (Pom Wonderful brand)

(Garnished with 2 lime wedges)


Build in an ice filled 10oz. highball glass. Squeeze lime wedges and drop into drink.

Belvedere Lemonade Power Mix


45ml/ 1.5oz Belvedere Unfiltered

80ml/ 3oz Lemonade (Simply Lemonade brand)

30ml/ 1oz Apple juice

(Garnished with a lemon wedge)


Build in an ice filled 10oz highball glass.