Drink Recipes: Celebrate A Girl’s Night Out Or In With Hpnotiq Harmonie

Earlier this summer, Hpnotiq launched their brand new Hpnotiq Harmonie and their latest flavor is perfect for a girl’s night out or in. With its lavender hue and sweet, almost flowery taste Hpnotiq Harmonie is an ideal liquor for whipping up a number of decadent cocktails. Be sure to put your inner mixologist to work with one of these easy to make Hpnotiq Harmonie cocktails. And I have to admit that “Bubbles & Berries” is absolutely calling my name. 

Cocoberry Bliss


3 oz Hpnotiq Harmonie

1 oz Premium Coconut Vodka


Combine Hpnotiq Harmonie and coconut vodka in shaker with ice. Pour into glass filled with ice.

Bubbles & Berries


2 oz Hpnotiq Harmonie

2 oz Champagne


Combine both Hpnotiq Harmonie and champagne in a champagne flute.

Purple Rain


4 oz Hpnotiq Harmonie

Splash of Lemon/Lime or Club Soda


Pour Hpnotiq Harmonie into glass filled with ice. Add a splash of lemon/lime or club soda.

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