Drink Recipes: Kick Off National Rum Day With Cocktails From Bacardi, Sailor Jerry, Cruzan Rum & More

If you’re a rum fanatic then chances are you don’t need me to tell you that National Rum Day takes place this week on August 16. Although National Rum Day’s probably been marked in your calendar for months now you may need a little inspiration when it comes to crafting cocktails for this year’s rum-heavy holiday and I’ve got plenty of rum-centered drink recipes to choose from. Whether you’re looking to make the classic “Cuba Libre” with help from Bacardi or are in the market for something a little more off-the-wall, take the “Zacapa Rum Negroni” for example, you’ll likely find the ideal, National Rum Day cocktail below.

As for me, there’s probably a 78.7 percent chance (please don’t ask how I come up with these percentages) that I’ll be sipping on the “Sailor Jerry Root Beer Float” come Friday. I’m sorry, but I can in no way pass on a rum and ice cream combo.

Cheers to a safe and enjoyable National Rum Day!

Zacapa Rum Negroni (Pictured Above)


1 ounce Zacapa Rum 23 2/3 ounce Sweet Vermouth 1/3 ounce Bitter Italian Aperitif 1/3 ounce Semi-Bitter Italian Aperitif

Grapefruit Twist for Garnish