Drink Recipes: Moonshine & Mixology Merge With These Ole Smoky Tennessee Moonshine Cocktails

Moonshine and mixology don’t typically go hand in hand, but the good folks over at Ole Smoky Tennessee Moonshine would probably be pretty quick to debate that notion. Believe it or not, but the brand actually has quite a few cocktails that are made using a variety of their products and they were kind enough to share a few with Lushworthy. They’ve got a cocktail that’s made using their much-loved Ole Smoky Moonshine Cherries and they also boast their own version of the normally tequila-made margarita. Lastly, I had to include the recipe to Ole Smoky’s “Apple Pie Moonshine Martini” since it uses their Apple Pie Moonshine, which I’m a huuuge fan of. Be sure to get yourself a jar of this Tennessee favorite and check out the drink recipes below!

Moonshine Margarita (Pictured Above)


2 Parts Ole Smoky Original Moonshine 1 Part Lime Juice 1 Part Simple Syrup

1 Part Triple Sec, Fresh Lime Juice