Drink Recipes: The Library Bar At The Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel’s Decadent “White Truffle Egg Nog”

‘Tis the season for egg nog and with the start of the holiday season comes a variety of unique spiked egg nog drink recipes. The folks over at the Library Bar in the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel are serving up a very interesting take on this beloved holiday cocktail. Their specialty egg nog is called “White Truffle Egg Nog” and consists of truffle-infused cream, cognac, agave syrup, and a truffle-infused egg. And if you find the directions below a bit tedious then don’t forget you can always get yourself a “White Truffle Egg Nog” at the Library Bar if you happen to be in the area. (Drink recipe is created by mixologist  Matthew Biancaniello.)


2 oz Cognac

2 oz Truffle-Infused Cream

1 Truffle-Infused Egg

1 oz Agave Syrup


Dry shake without ice for 15 seconds to emulsify the egg. Then add ice and shake again and strain into a tall glass or Collins glass without ice. Shave white truffle from the truffle that was in the jar with the eggs on top and then shave a few slivers of dark chocolate on top for garnish.

Also check out these directions on how to make truffle-infused eggs: Take one half ounce piece of a white truffle from Alba and put it in a sealed jar with a half dozen of raw eggs for five days. Preparing the truffle-infused cream: Take another half ounce piece of white truffle and put it in a pint of organic heavy cream for five days.

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