Drink Recipes: The Peach Perfect SKYY Infusions Georgia Peach Cocktails Featured At Cocktails With Belle – LUSHWORTHY

A few days ago, I had the opportunity to check out my first ever Cocktails With Belle meetup. The event series was created well before author and Cocktails With Belle creator Demetria Lucas rose to reality show fame with Bravo’s “Blood, Sweat & Heels,” and serves as an opportunity for Demetria to mix and mingle, and of course enjoy some sips with fans. Fortunately, for those in attendance at the Atlanta Cocktails With Belle shindig at Bar One, the event was sponsored by SKYY Vodka’s latest addition, SKYY Infusions Georgia Peach, which was used to create a trio of cocktails for attendees to sample. I had the opportunity to sample two out of three of the cocktails available and I have to say that they’re quite ideal for spring/summer and extremely easy to make.

I’ve included drink recipes to all of the cocktails featured at Cocktails With Belle as well as a brief review of the cocktails I was able to sample. Cheers!

Georgia Peach Pre-Tea – It’s no secret that those of us in the South love our sweet tea. Combine our beverage of choice with the iconic Georgia peach and you’ve got yourself a cocktail that’s as flavorful as it is simple. This was my personal favorite from Cocktails With Belle. I’m not the biggest peach fan, so the combination of sweet tea and fresh lemon dulled the peachiness and created a very refreshing cocktail.


2 oz SKYY Infusions Georgia Peach 3 oz Iced Tea

Squeeze of fresh Lemon