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With the announcement of three, new flavors from EFFEN Vodka, it looks like the vodka wars are about to get pretty intense. The newest additions to the brand, which has quickly gained in popularity thanks in part to brand partner 50 Cent, include EFFEN Blood Orange Vodka, EFFEN Green Apple Vodka, and EFFEN Raspberry Vodka. 

“As demand for Super Premium flavored vodka continues to grow, we are always looking to deliver new offerings that are unparalleled in quality and style,” Halley Kehoe, Director, Lifestyle Brands at Beam Suntory said in a statement. “From our sleek bottle design to unique, bold flavor offerings, EFFEN embodies individuality and good taste, and these exciting, new flavors are no exception. We know our fans will love them.”

50 Cent also expressed his confidence in the latest roll out from the premium vodka brand.

“Adding these new flavors to the EFFEN lineup is just one of the many things we’ve been up to,” 50 Cent added. “EFFEN stands for ‘smooth’, and these new flavors deliver on that promise.”

Prior to today’s announcement, EFFEN Vodka’s line of flavors consisted of Original, Black Cherry, Dutch Raspberry, and Cucumber. 

News of the latest, fruity additions to the EFFEN Vodka portfolio comes weeks after Ciroc announced their own new flavor. In a flood of social media posts, which came courtesy of Puff Daddy himself, Ciroc Mango was revealed as the Diageo-owned brand’s newest addition. 

It’s clearly been a great few weeks if flavored, premium vodkas are your booze of choice.

Stay tuned for recipes featuring EFFEN Blood Orange, EFFEN Green Apple, and EFFEN Raspberry. Cheers!

Just in time for the Super Bowl (Go Panthers!), EFFEN Vodka has released a limited edition, football-inspired bottle that’s sure to be a worthy addition to any Super Bowl shindig. The limited edition, EFFEN Vodka bottle is wrapped in a textured football sleeve, and features musician 50 Cent’s signature and logo.

The Queens, New York rapper/entrepreneur recently partnered with the brand, and has been pushing hard for EFFEN Vodka on social media and elsewhere, ever since.

“EFFEN is the perfect example of LIQUID LUXURY®, and it’s taking over. This limited edition football bottle will raise the game for your football party,” 50 Cent said in a statement.

You can get your hands on EFFEN Vodka’s limited edition bottle at select retailers this month for $35.99 (750 mL bottle).

To create a cocktail inspired by Thanksgiving dinner you don’t actually have to create a stuffing-infused simple syrup or garnish a drink with a turkey leg. It’s as easy as choosing one element of Thanksgiving dinner, take cranberry sauce for example, and using that element to craft a cocktail like the “EFFEN Toasted White Cranberry.” Or you can even try your luck at a cocktail made using a boozy infusion of various spices and cranberries. Take the Wild Turkey-created “Kentucky Thanksgiving,” it calls for the addition of Wild Turkey infused with cardamom seeds, dried cranberries, and cinnamon.

In case either of those two cocktails sounds like an enticing addition to your Thanksgiving dinner, you can find their recipes blow. Oh, and I’ve also included a bonus, non-Lushworthy recipe as well courtesy of Crown Royal Maple.

For additional Thanksgiving-inspired drink recipes, check out my dessert cocktails and champagne cocktails blog posts.

Kentucky Thanksgiving


1.5 oz. Wild Turkey Thanksgiving Infusion* 1 oz. lemon juice .25 oz. Maraschino Liqueur .25 oz. Campari

.5 oz. Demerara syrup