Exclusive Interview: Keri Hilson Reveals Her Favorite Cocktail, Speaks On Atlanta Music

While at Moet’s Rose Lounge over the weekend I was able to get in a quick interview with the host of the evening, singer Keri Hilson. In our mini-interview the singer dished on everything from her favorite cocktail to Atlanta fans being hard to please (we’ve really got to work on that folks).

First off, how does it feel to be one of a few artists chosen to represent the Rose Lounge?

Umm, it feels great. I didn’t know that actually. It feels good. It’s a really classy brand. I love everything about it. It’s just the association feels right.

When you’re going out with your girls what’s your ideal cocktail of choice?

Hmm, probably mojito. Anything sweet.

Being from Atlanta and being a fan of music what’s your thoughts on Outkast releasing an album, Goodie Mob releasing an album?

Oh my gosh, yes! All that is lovely. Very welcomed in my world. I was a huge Goodie Mob fan, huge Outkast fan. Forever I love Atlanta and all things Atlanta.

Lastly, what’s been the high point of your tour so far?

The high point of my tour I wanna say coming home, but we got rained out like crazy. It was like monsoon like. And on top of that Atlanta’s a really tough crowd always. Not just for me, but a lot of artists complain about Atlanta doesn’t give a lot of love and it’s definitely true.

Were you feeling the love tonight?

Atlanta, they’re a very hard to please type of crowd. They were  true to that for the most part. Only because I watch everybody else’s shows and you see a difference. It’s a huge difference when we’re in once city and when we’re in Atlanta…But it’s still good to be home. I saw my people in the crowd and I’m home.

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