Femme du Coupe’s Revae Schneider Talks Mixology At Godiva Spirits Event In Atlanta (Exclusive Video)

When it comes to a spirit like Godiva Chocolate Vodka instinct tells you that you should probably mix that particular spirit with mixers that are cream or chocolate based. But you’d really be surprised at the number of delicious drinks you can make using Godiva’s  line of vodkas and liqueurs that are quite out of the norm. At a recent Godiva Spirits event at Buckhead’s Drybar I was able to sample quite a few unique Godiva cocktails thanks to the mixologist for the evening, Revae Schneider of Femme du Coupe. I absolutely fell in love with Schneider’s “The Aromatic Allure” cocktail which was made using Godiva White Chocolate Liqueur, gin, saffron vanilla syrup, fresh lemon juice, and cherry bark vanilla bitters. Sooo good! While at the event Schneider took a short break to speak with Lushworthy about the cocktails she created for the evening.