Four Cocktails Those Over The Age Of 25 Should Never Order

We all know that the older you are the wiser you become. Well, at least I hope that’s the case. So, with that wisdom comes a smarter and more mature taste when it concerns all things Lushworthy. I’ll be the first to admit that my choice in alcoholic beverages was a little questionable in my early 20′s. I’m certainly no cocktail elitist though. I love a nice frozen cocktail just as much as the next lush, but there are a few drinks that I would never order in public. I’ve gone ahead and compiled a list of three of those notorious cocktails (and one that isn’t quite a cocktail, but still greatly fits the bill).

Also, please take note of the fact that these are four cocktails no one over the age of 25 should order, because I’ll be darned if I don’t indulge in a Mudslide-esque drink in the comfort of my own home every now and then.

Amaretto Sour – So, if I wanted to drink a large handful of chewy Sweet Tarts I’d throw a pack of those bad boys in a Magic Bullet and get to work. Needless to say, a liquified pack of Sweet Tarts is exactly what the infamous “Amaretto Sour” tastes like. I understand this was a popular go-to drink for the 21-year-old, college crowd, so there may be some kind of odd, emotional attachment, but please let the “Amaretto Sour” go people.

Mudslide – The funny thing about the “Mudslide” is there’s usually about .0000082 mL of actual liquor in them or that’s at least what it tastes like. You’re better off getting an ice cream sundae at Dairy Queen for less than half the price of a “Mudslide” since the two are essentially the same thing. And feel free to splash a little vodka on that sundae…okay, not really.

Fuzzy Navel – A friend actually suggested that I add this cocktail to the list. Since I’m not big on peach flavors I wasn’t terribly familiar with the “Fuzzy Navel,” but after some brief research I knew it’d fit perfectly on this list. The name alone is bad enough, but combine that with a cocktail that merely combines orange juice and peach schnapps and you’ve got an amazing contender for the top spot on this list.

Candy Corona – Now for our non-cocktail addition. The “Candy Corona” sounded somewhat legit the first time I heard about this combination of Corona pale lager and grenadine. But after trying it and letting the whole grenadine and beer notion settle in my head, I have to say that those 25 and over should avoid “Candy Corona’s” like they would a Miley Cyrus record.

Feel free to comment with your own additions. I know you’ve got a few!

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