Four Must-Have Accessories For Your Inner Lush – LUSHWORTHY

A couple of months ago I purchased the #Lushworthy necklace pictured above from Bauble Bar and it’s easily my most loved accessory. It’s pink and gold, it represents my blog, and it’s just pretty dope overall. Customized jewelry can take a few weeks to make, but if you look hard enough or even hop on Etsy you can find a plethora of booze-inspired jewelry pieces.

In fact, I’ve compiled a short list of my favorite booze-inspired jewelry finds on Etsy. Check ’em out below!

Jameson Irish Whiskey Bangle – When I was in Aruba a few years ago I can’t tell you how many times I saw wine and liquor bottles shaped into cups and vases. But I’ve never seen glass bottles made into bracelets. It really is a brilliant idea. And that signature green from the Jameson bottle makes this Jameson Irish Whiskey Bangle a pretty nice statement piece.

Bourbon Liquor Tag – I’ve always been a fan of nameplate necklaces, but merely putting your first name on one seems a bit dull. Try this Lushworthy option and instead opt for a nameplate necklace with the name of your favorite booze.

Emergency Vodka Necklace – Emergency vodka necklace? Yeah, I’m gonna need about 10 of these. Sadly, the liquid inside is not booze and the vial is sealed 🙁 Still a pretty dope concept.

Gold Wine Bottle Pin – Subtlety is everything when it comes to accessorizing, so although small, this gold wine bottle pin should add a nice amount of boozy flair to any outfit.

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