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Each year, near the start of fall, the Georgia Aquarium hosts Aqua Vino, one of the biggest events of the year. The annual event is held to help in raising funds for the Georgia Aquarium’s animal research and conservation effort. I had the opportunity to attend Aqua Vino this year, which was hosted by television personality Alton Brown, and I have to tell you, it’s quite the place to be if you’re a food or wine lover. And if you’re both, then consider Aqua Vino a little slice of heaven.

The Georgia Aquarium, one of the largest aquariums in the world, already makes for a magical venue. Combine the ambiance of the aquarium with a live jazz band, perfectly-placed decor, and it kinda feels like you’ve been transported to a place a tad more exotic than the city of Atlanta. I enjoyed quite a few sips and bites during Aqua Vino, and despite being the beer, wine, and cocktail lover that I am, I have to say that one of my favorites came in cupcake form thanks to Georgetown Cupcakes.

And because I was a tad busy sipping on the finest of wines and munching on the tastiest cuisine Atlanta has to offer, I didn’t snap too many pictures. Thankfully though, I did get my hands on a few pictures, courtesy of the Georgia Aquarium. Check ’em out below. And if you’re interested in offering your support to the Georgia Aquarium, you can find more info on their website.

The Georgia Aquarium probably isn’t the first place that comes to mind when you’re in the market for a cool atmosphere to enjoy drinks with friends. Well, it probably should be. Throughout the entire year, the Georgia Aquarium hosts a bevy of booze-centric events, from their annual fundraiser Aqua Vino to more relaxed events like Sips Under The Sea.

Luckily, it’s not too late for you to jump on the boat. Next week (August 21), the Georgia Aquarium is hosting their Sips Under The Sea luau. Perfect for an end of summer shindig, the luau will feature a summer-time band, photo booth, and more. Prices for the event vary (you can find more details on the Georgia Aquarium website), but for $46.95, non-members can purchase a VIP ticket. The VIP ticket includes two drink tickets and two tapas plates.

I’ve yet to attend one of the aquarium’s Sips Under The Sea events, but I have attended Aqua Vino and Red White & Brew, and they’ve both been pretty impressive. Sips Under The Sea also sounds like a fun way to break out of the usual restaurant/bar/lounge routine.

Be sure to check out the Georgia Aquarium website for more details.

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Aqua Vino, the Georgia Aquarium’s annual benefit event, is once again set to take place here in Atlanta. In addition to sampling fine wines from across the globe and noshing on the city’s best bites, those who purchase a ticket to Aqua Vino will help in raising funds for the Georgia Aquarium’s Sea Turtle conservation and research initiatives.

Aqua Vino guests will also be treated to brews from Atlanta favorite, SweetWater Brewing Company and specialty beer importer, Merchant du Vin.

The great thing about Aqua Vino is that during the event a number of Georgia Aquarium galleries are open, so if you’ve never visited the aquarium before you get to sip on exotic wines while also observing beluga whales, dolphins, and other aquatic life.

This year’s Aqua Vino is scheduled to take place on Thursday, October 9th and will be hosted by Jeff Corwin. Tickets start at $125 per person and can be purchased at

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I had the opportunity to attend Aqua Vino for the first time last year and I’m pretty sure the Georgia Aquarium could have served Capri Sun’s and fun-sized bags of Cheetos at their annual fundraiser and it still would have been a great event, the aquarium backdrop is just that impressive. But replace pouched juices and orange-hued snacks with 200 wines from around the world and a plethora of bites from local restaurants and that’s exactly what you’ll find at the Georgia Aquarium’s annual fete.

This year’s Aqua Vino will take place on Thursday, October 10 from 7 to 10 P.M. (6 P.M. for those who purchase a VIP Tasting pass). Tickets to the tasting, which benefits the Georgia Aquarium’s Whale Shark conservation and research initiatives, start at $150 per person. On top of tastings, guests will also be treated to both live and silent auctions.

You can purchase your ticket to Aqua Vino at Additional information on the event can be found below.

I was fortunate enough to cover the Georgia Aquarium’s Red White & Brew event earlier in the year and I have to say that it really exceeded my expectations. Great brew, amazing catered food, an awesome setting, and a friendly crowd of folks. And now that their 7th annual Aqua Vino wine tasting is around the corner I’m gradually becoming more and more amped for the Georgia Aquarium’s latest Lushworthy event.

At Aqua Vino, which takes place on November 8, you’ll have the opportunity to, “sample wines from around the world, and taste the best cuisine Atlanta has to offer.” On top of exquisite wines you’ll also nosh on some serious grub thanks to the bevy of Atlanta restaurants taking part in Aqua Vino including RA Sushi, The Iberian Pig, the sweet tooth-satisfying Pie Shop, and much more.

Tickets for Aqua Vino start at $180 and can be purchased on the Georgia Aquarium Website with proceeds from the event benefiting the Georgia Aquarium’s initiatives to save the African Penguin. You gotta love sipping for a cause.

I must say that I had an amazing time for the Fourth of July thanks to the Georgia Aquarium’s Red White & Brew beer tasting. I’ve been to the Georgia Aquarium before but I’ve never had the opportunity to check out their Oceans Ballroom where the the tasting took place. It’s quite the impressive venue, it’s ginormous and you get to view beluga whales, whale sharks, and other sea creatures thanks to two huge viewing windows. Since there are no windows in the ballroom and you have the two viewing windows you almost get the feeling that you’re underwater which is pretty cool. But on to the booze…

There were about 40 to 50 different breweries and companies on hand at Red White & Brew to fill our glasses. You had local favorites like Sweetwater Brewing Company on top of the other more well known companies like Bud Light. But my personal favorite from the evening was Kona Brewing Company’s Koko Brown Nut Brown Ale. It’s a brew with a touch of toasted coconut so you know I was in Lushworthy heaven. On top of that Kona Brewing is based out of Hawaii’s Big Island so I felt a tad bit cooler sampling a brew that’s quite literally made in paradise.