Get Yourself An “Old Cuban” At The W Atlanta Downtown – LUSHWORTHY

While attending Arte Fashion Museum (which I will be recapping later this week) at the W Atlanta Downtown I had the opportunity to try the most amazing cocktail. I was served this Lushworthy libation at the Drinkshop bar in the W and was immediately impressed with the way it was presented. First off it’s called the “Old Cuban” which is already a win because it’s both creative and hilarious.  The drink was served with a mint floating on top which was a nice, but simple touch. And as I mentioned earlier the taste is amazing. Any time liquor and champagne is combined you’re in for quite the treat. The drink is also made using mint, simple syrup, lime, and Angostura bitters.

P.S. If you’re ever at one of the W Hotels in Atlanta please try their french fries…absolutely delicious.

P.S.S. I promise I will get a semi-professional camera in the near future and stop torturing your eyes with these Blackberry camera pictures.

DrinkshopOld CubanW Atlanta Downtown