Grey Goose Cherry Noir Finds Itself A New Competitor With The Announcement Of Southern Comfort Bold Black Cherry – LUSHWORTHY

Ahh, there’s nothing I love more than a  good Liquor War and with all the feedback I received thanks to my Pinnacle Whipped vs. Smirnoff Whipped piece I know you guys do to. So months after Grey Goose announced that Cherry Noir (Black Cherry) would be the brands newest flavor it looks like Southern Comfort will also be entering the black cherry realm with their newest product, Southern Comfort Bold Black Cherry. Now as you guys already know Grey Goose is a vodka and Southern Comfort is a whiskey so I’m really curious as to how these flavors will pair up against one another since they’re varying types of liquor.

“The launch of Southern Comfort Bold Black Cherry continues the brand’s innovation with new flavors which began with Southern Comfort Lime in 2010 and continued with Southern Comfort Fiery Pepper last fall,” said Mark Bacon, VP, Managing Director, Southern Comfort. “We feel Bold Black Cherry will recruit new consumers into the Southern Comfort franchise who enjoy a distinctive flavor profile in their cocktails.”

Oh, and definitely stay tuned for the “Black Cherry Battle” where I’ll announce which product I find to be the most Lushworthy when it comes to Grey Goose Cherry Noir and Southern Comfort Bold Black Cherry.

Southern Comfort Bold Black Cherry is expected to hit shelves next month with a suggested retail price of $16.99 for a 750 ml bottle.

Southern ComfortSouthern Comfort Bold Black Cherry