Guinness & Generous Ale Hoping To Inspire Generosity This Holiday Season With Their “Generous Hour” Project – LUSHWORTHY

It somehow gets overshadowed by crazed shopping, hectic travel, and other seasonal stressors but the holidays really are all about giving back. Thankfully, with the introduction of their new holiday beer, Generous Ale, Guinness is hoping fans of the brand will join them in giving back over the holidays. As part of Guinness’ Generous Hour project you can pledge your volunteer hours (anywhere from one to 10 hours) and choose to volunteer in any way you’d like, from serving as a designated driver to helping with Christmas dinner.

As you can see from the picture above, I’ve already gone ahead and pledged my hours which will consist of volunteering in my neighborhood and dishing out some blog advice for any up and coming bloggers out there. So if anyone out there needs any blog advice feel free to hit me up at! Also, the really cool thing about the project is that Guinness will donate $100 to the hunger-relief charity Feeding America on behalf of myself and Lushworthy.

To pledge your hours head on over to the Generous Hour Facebook page.

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