Has Anyone Else Found Themselves Overly Intrigued By Jay-Z’s “Made In America” Commercial For Budweiser? – LUSHWORTHY

I first caught glimpse of this visual morsel of all-American goodness while checking out the first week of the summer Olympics earlier this month. Right off the bat I was immediately drawn in. Jay-Z really makes for a great narrator so maybe that was part of it and you have to admit that their timing  for the commercial was pretty great as well. You’re promoting a “Made In America” festival which is sponsored by Budweiser, one of the most American of beers, during the Olympics when patriotism is at its highest? Yeah, great timing to say the least. Lastly, I was really digging the whole “music as expression” angle. You’ve definitely got my vote Jay-Z, for what I don’t know, but you’ve got it nonetheless!

Also, does anyone plan on checking out the “Made In America” festival when it takes place next month in Philly? That lineup is killer! For more information on the festival check out MadeInAmericaFest.com.

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