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When the clock strikes 5 P.M. today and your work week officially ends, chances are pretty high that you’ll then scramble to the mall for that perfect Mother’s Day gift. Or if that’s not the case, you’ll probably immediately whip out your smartphone and scour OpenTable in the hopes of finding the ideal Mother’s Day brunch spot. Am I right? Well, since you’re likely going to spend most of the weekend planning for Sunday, if anything, at least you don’t have to put in too much effort finding that winning Mother’s Day cocktail. I’ve gone ahead and included the drink recipes to a handful of Mother’s Day-inspired drink recipes to make your weekend a little easier. From tequila-based to those heavy on the vodka, from the sweet to the savory, you’ll likely find at least one cocktail mom will go head over heels for. Enjoy!

Relaxi Taxi Spa-Tini (Pictured Above)


1.5 oz. SMIRNOFF Sorbet Light Lemon 1.5 oz. Club soda .05 oz. Lemon juice 0.5 oz. Agave nectar

10 slices cucumber (Garnish)

Muddle cucumber slices in the bottom of a mixing glass with SMIRNOFF Sorbet Light Lemon, lemon juice and agave nectar. Strain into a chilled martini glass and top with club soda.

The Spring friendly drink recipes keep on rolling in, with Hennessy serving as the latest brand to introduce a handful of seasonal cocktails. If you’re all for the use of tropical fruit in your cocktails then you’ll probably love Hennessy’s “Privateer,” a cocktail that combines Hennessy V.S, coconut water, strawberries, fresh squeezed lime juice, and agave nectar. I’m sure the “Privateer” is quite the tasty cocktail, but their “Stinger Sour” is right up my lane. It’s a minty, frothy concoction that actually reminds me of a cocktail I had at the W Atlanta Downtown last year and absolutely fell in love with. You can find the recipe for both cocktails, which were created by Hennessy mixologist, Jordan Bushell, below.

Privateer (Pictured Above)


2 oz Hennessy V.S 3 oz coconut water 3 Strawberries .5 oz Fresh Squeezed lime juice

1/3rd oz Agave Nectar


Muddle 3 strawberries in a shaker tin. Add all liquids with ice and shake until well chilled. Strain into glass with fresh ice. Garnish with a strawberry on the rim.

On top of festival performances from acts like Wu-Tang Clan and Janelle Monae, attendee’s at the annual Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival were also treated to a handful of exclusive events last weekend. Among those events was the Hennessy V.S. DETAILS @ Midnight Party, an exclusive shindig that took place at a private home in Bermuda Dunes, Indio.

Hosted by noted rapper and Hennessy spokesperson Nas, the event featured plenty of Hennessy cocktails, digital graffiti stations, and even Native American Tipi’s. People sure like to break out the tents at these outdoor festivals. And with “Hennessy V.S Big Apple” and “Hennessy V.S White Peach Citrus Sangria” cocktails in hand guests were of course treated to a quick performance from the Queensbridge rapper. Other notable guests at the Hennessy V.S. DETAILS @ Midnight Party included  Elizabeth Olsen, stylist Karreuche, and Rumer Willis.

Pictures courtesy of Alexandra Wyman – AP Wire/Invision Agency and Kirill Was Here.

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Every now and then, I come across a drink recipe online where I have to practically stop myself from drooling on my keyboard because of all the deliciousness pictured on my screen and the “Hennessy Coqui” is one of those drinks. It both looks and sounds absolutely delicious and this is coming from someone who isn’t even the biggest of eggnog lovers. For those of you wondering what in the world “coqui” is it’s basically the equivalent of eggnog in Puerto Rico and it happens to be named after the species of small frogs native to the island. I’m sure you don’t wanna hear about tiny frogs while you’re researching drink recipes, but I figured I’d share that bit of info. Now the recipe below does call for quite a few ingredients and some actual effort, but I’m sure the end result will be well worth it.


1 cup Hennessy

½ cup Hennessy 10 Cane

2 oz Grand Marnier

2 oz Frangelico

¾ cup evaporated milk

1 ¼ cup coconut cream

2 egg yolks

1 teaspoon vanilla extract


In a blender, place all ingredients and lightly blend. Do not blend on a high speed to avoid creating foam. Leave in the fridge for 3 to 4 hours until chilled. Serve in punch glasses or rocks glasses, neat or over ice by preference. Garnish with freshly grated nutmeg.

Both the Hip-Hop and liquor worlds were buzzing this week at the latest news from France-based cognac house Hennessy. Earlier in the week, the liquor heavyweight announced that rapper Nas would serve as the spokesperson for the brand’s 2013 “Wild Rabbit” campaign.  “Announcing our #WildRabbit #icon for 2013! — @Nas aka Nas Escobar aka #NastyNas — we’re proud and excited #LifeIsGood,” read a Tweet made from Hennessy’s official Twitter account on Tuesday (November 20).

The campaign launched earlier in the year with help from singer Erykah Badu and boxer Manny Pacquiáo and was created to showcase what drives people to pursue their passions. It’s unclear if Hennessy will bring on any other entertainers for their 2013 “Wild Rabbit” campaign, but we’re very much looking forward to seeing what rabbit they’ll pull out of their hats with this one.