Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Get Too Excited About Barnes & Noble Applying For A Liquor License

I’m sure a ton of you have likely come across a GoodeReader article on your Facebook news feeds about Barnes & Noble applying for a liquor license. And if you’re like me, you probably proceeded to whip and nae nae at that bit of good news. Well, if you think that in the near future you’ll be sipping on an Old Fashioned while reading a book you have no plans on purchasing at your local B&N, I’ve got a bit of bad news for you.

First off, Barnes & Noble applied for a liquor license with the New York State Liquor Authority. So, if you live outside of New York, this already doesn’t apply to you. Sorry, guys. And so far, the only B&N location announced as a tester is their store in New Hartford, New York.

Another downer, one I’m personally a little saddened by, is the fact that B&N applying for a liquor license shows that they’re not doing too hot in today’s e-climate. According to Gizmodo, Barnes & Noble “struggled in the face of stiff competition” this year.

Also, that Old Fashioned I mentioned earlier? Looks like the tester location in New Hartford will only sell beer and wine. Not a huge shocker here though. It is a bookstore, not the local watering hole.